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The SPAD De Ville concept

SPAD De Ville is a fresh new brand offering innovative and fashionable clothes and accessories for the urban cyclist.

Designed in Grenoble (the capital of the French Alps), all the brand’s products are innovative, high-tech, fashionable and tailored to the requirements of today’s bicycle commuters. The clothes and accessories are made using the same fabrics employed in outdoor and mountain apparel, materials that are breathable, waterproof, lightweight and durable.

Francis COUREAU created the brand in 2009. As a skateboard and fixed-gear bike user, SPAD De Ville’s founder developed this original concept so that bike commuters could reclaim the city. SPAD De Ville’s mission is to make bicycle commuting comfortable and fun. Its innovative clothing and accessories give the rider ultimate freedom of movement: the handy BESENVIL bag can be fixed onto any type of handlebar without the need for tools, the FULAP rain protector is fitted with the KDS system preventing the wind from lifting it up, the FESNET seat protector keeps your behind clean and dry, the SERPANT trouser clip...

The SPAD De Ville spirit

SPAD De Ville offers original, high-tech accessories and clothes for today’s urban bicycle commuters, people who have adopted the bike as the best tool for their daily travels. “SPAD” is French slang for a fast bicycle (in reference to the fighter planes used by the French in the First World War).

The brand’s mission is to enable bicycle commuters to cruise the streets in a clean, leisurely and comfortable manner, without compromising their style.

SPAD De Ville’s aim is to help bicycle commuters take the city back and to do so in style. It wants the city to become a park by making daily bike trips both fun and comfortable. This means riders must retain good freedom of movement, rain or shine.

The SPAD De Ville collection offers accessories and clothes that are both high-tech and fashionable. SPAD De Ville’s ultimate goal is to make urban bike commuting both comfortable and fun.

Francis Coureau, SPAD De Ville's Founder.

Francis Coureau was born in Paris in 1974. For him, commuting needed to be fun and relaxing. He loved to cruise the pavements of the French Capital on his skateboard or BMX. The city was his playground.
FC studied mechanical engineering, before becoming a mechanical design consultant and later a project manager in Paris: “There I was with my suit, tie and briefcase and I was stuck! How can I commute better?” Like most “urban commuters” in big cities, Francis Coureau was looking to reconcile the aesthetic requirements of his job with a more efficient way of travelling.
After a few years, Francis’s creative side was left unsatisfied by engineering: “I wanted to be the guy who makes things for users, rather the one who solves equations”. From a young age, Francis dreamt of being an inventor. He quickly realised that his training as a mechanical engineer would not allow him to satisfy his creative urges, so he went back to school to do an MBA in Industrial Design and Innovation Management (Strate College of Design / “Les Mines de Paris” engineering school): “Industrial Design is not art, it's the art of designing items for end users”.
Graduating in 2006, Francis Coureau’s latest studies culminated in a thesis and an innovative project around the question “Can urban commuting be both fun and comfortable?".
He finally found the answer in 2010 and SPAD De Ville was born!